Don Hiatt

Technology Advisor

An integral member of executive teams for successful startups for over 30 years. As VP of Technology, Don managed ImageTag’s patented technology and software development. As Chief Technology Officer at Resource Management International, Don’s internal and external consulting experience proved invaluable in the creation of mission critical applications for several U.S. Fortune 50 clients including Hewlett-Packard, Chase Manhattan Bank, Visa/MasterCard Interbank, Phillip Morris, Lockheed Martin and Lloyds of London. As founding senior partner with The Image Consulting Group, Inc., Don’s projects for Kraft Food Service, Blue Cross of Virginia and Phillip Morris earned various awards and industry recognition.


AgTechLogic is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business that develops precision agriculture technology that captures data and images with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to improve existing spray systems.


1910 S Stapley Dr #221 Mesa, AZ 85204
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Take your precision spraying to the next level with Agtellio, your ultimate spray command center.


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